Extended Opportunity Programs and 服务 (bgi的)

Welcome to Extended Opportunity Programs and 服务!

bgi的 is a Support 服务 Program designed to help Low-Income AND Educationally Disadvantaged students in reaching their goals. The focus of the bgi的 program at 澳门皇家赌城在线大学 is to provide the necessary resources to students, so that they may successfully complete their educational objecti大. 


The bgi的 office is open and we are ready to assist you. Please stop by the office or give us a call. 


We can be reached at:


电话: 805-289-6302

电子邮件: VCbgi的@vcccd.edu

社交媒体: 脸谱网 & Instagram


bgi的 Early Registration for Spring 2024 is coming October 30th - November 2nd. Don't forget to take advantage of this great opportunity!


bgi的 Fall Office 小时:

* All hours are subject to change. 

The bgi的 Office is closed on weekends and holidays. 

星期几: 小时:



周二 上午8时至晚上7时
周三 上午8时至下午6时
周四 上午8时至下午5时